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Let’s move forward

The world as a global village. An economy that runs 24 hours. We don’t know any better, until we come to a standstill and look back. Only by looking back we notice the incredible speed we have used to forge ahead. Forging a path, influenced by digitization and globalization, to reduce distances and borders.

Our thoughts and dreams today are tomorrow’s realization and with an unlimited access to resources, the world is our oyster. A world of plenty and with the incredible power of logistics we manage to keep turning round, a constant flow of supply and demand.

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Transport Logistic München
May 9 – 12, 2023
A4 stand 207 / 306

Limburg Logistics is fully aware of the challenges of keeping the world turning and is forging a path ahead carefully and thoughtfully. We distinguish and pride ourselves by measuring our positive impact through our goals of circularity, robotics, sustainability, large data, and human capital. This way we can ensure we deliver with great efficiency, speed and make sustainable decisions.

Through teamwork, innovation and keeping true to our goals, we strive to stay ahead of the game in which our society, partners and clients will reap the benefits. Our location in the center of Europe plays a major part of servicing our clients, within a radiance of 1.000 kilometers and an abundance of multimodality off roads, waterways, and tracks we are realizing the future of logistics. Together with our 2.100 partners we join forces and say:

Let’s move forward!

Serving 244 million consumers within a radius of 1.000 kilometers from central Europe
Let’s move forward!
We push the boundaries in robotics, circularity, sustainability, big data and human capital.
Let’s move forward!


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Project Manager
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Project Manager
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